Smart Polymer Coatings

Superstratum develops stimuli-responsive, environmentally-adaptive products using Smart Polymer Coatings. These highly-efficient polymer coatings – impregnated with EPA-registered antimicrobials – offer a new approach to protection in water-damaged buildings.

What are Smart Polymers?

Smart Polymer Coatings are stimuli-responsive, high-performance polymers that change according to environmental conditions. Superstratum products use Smart Polymer Coatings to maintain performance for up to 25 years.

Unparalleled Mold & Mildew Solutions

Long Lasting


Water Resistant


Smart Polymer Features

Smart Polymer Coatings are adaptive to the environment by being moisture-activated to release active ingredients that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and other microbes. These long-lasting, water-resistant coatings can resist microbial degradation longer than other commercially available products.




Inhibits Mold



Smart Polymer Solutions

Superstratum solves mold and mildew problems at a fraction of the cost of cleaning products. That means buying fewer bottles and wasting less time. That’s better for you, better for your clients, and better for the environment.



Layers On Layers

Our Products Last

Standard cleaning and disinfection products do not create a long-lasting barrier to prevent surfaces from microbial growth the way that Superstratum does. Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating offers a new shield of protection for your surfaces and can drastically reduce the amount of cleaning that is needed.

Salts Dissolve

Quaternary salts are commonly found in cleaning and disinfecting products and can create a microscopic salt layer that inhibits microbes. With as little as 10% humidity, these salts begin dissolving, leaving your surface exposed.

Chemicals Lack Staying Power

Abrasion and moisture immediately neutralize many chemical cleaners. While oxidizing technologies are useful for removing the biological waste from mold and mildew on the surface, they are often ineffective at reaching mold spores and hyphae (fungal roots) in the microscopic cracks of surfaces.

Metals Oxidize

Many types of metals, including copper and silver, are used to prevent microbes. However, when moisture is present, no matter what the slick marketing says, these metals oxidize rendering them useless to stop pathogens. 

Our Smart Polymer Features

Our Smart Polymer Coatings are built to last. Our Smart Polymer Coatings are engineered to provide extreme responsiveness and increased performance in even the harshest conditions. Smart Polymer Coating protection lasts through moisture and abrasion and resists mold and mildew through hundreds of wet and dry cycles for up to 25 years.