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We recommend our White Glove Service, where we facilitate the inspection and remediation process for you, completed by certified Superstratum Network Professionals. Complete our Home Assessment Form to get started today.

However, we are also avid about DIY solutions to heal your home. That said, you can also run the protocol yourself - see steps below for our recommended Superstratum Mycotoxin Removal Technology protocol (SMRT Protocol). Also please feel free to contact us if you have any questions - we're happy to help!

Phase 1: HOCL Fog - Clean - Fog

  • A/C Off, HVAC Fan On
  • Initial Fog with Hypochlorous Acid to destroy mycotoxins in the air and on surfaces
  • Microclean all surfaces in the home with Superstratum Hypochlorous Acid or Superstratum Everyday Cleaner
  • Re-Fog to raise humidity to 65%, the desired level for maximum Remediation Bomb effectiveness.

Phase 2: CLO2 Remediation Bombs

  • A/C Off, HVAC Fan On, Wear PPE
  • Remove people, plants, pets, and delicate items like oil paintings and taxidermy from home.
  • Set off calculated amount of Superstratum Remediation Bombs - best performed overnight.
      • Volume Coverage:
      • RB 25G: 250cuft (small closets, vehicles)
      • RB 50G: 500cuft (large closets, small-medium bathrooms, HVAC intakes, pantries)
      • RB 100G: 1000cuft (bedrooms, large bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, large spaces)
  • Allow gas to disseminate through home for 8-12 hours before removal and
  • Retrieve and dispose of bombs (use PPE)
  • Dissipate gas by turning on A/C or flushing home with positive air via HEPA scrubber.
  • Allow sufficient time for gas odor to dissipate before returning without PPE.

Phase 3: Apply Smart Polymer Coating

  • Apply Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating to desired surfaces
  • We recommend applying around door frames, in problem areas, and on all surfaces in a crawlspace.

Recommendation For Immediate Air Quality Improvement:

  •  For immediate improvement in your home air quality, we recommend our KHAOS air purifier - the only of its kind with passive PCO UV ionization AND active Multi-Cluster Ionization (MCI).
  • This unit has a VOC sensor, produces zero ozone, and has a HEPA-Grade MERV 16 3-way filters with activated carbon.

Contact us for more info!

We recommend fogging one gallon/128oz for every 5000cuft. That cubic footage is equivalent to 25ft x 25ft space with 8ft ceiling.

One gallon/128oz of Everyday Cleaner covers approximately 300 square feet.

Calculate the cubic footage of the rooms you are treating by multiplying the length, width, and height of the room in feet.

The coverage size of each Superstratum Remediation Bomb (RB) is as listed below:

Volume Coverage:

  • RB 25G: 250cuft (small closets, vehicles)
  • RB 50G: 500cuft (large closets, small-medium bathrooms, HVAC intakes, pantries, boats)
  • RB 100G: 1000cuft (bedrooms, large bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, large spaces)

 - Note: You can always add supplementary remediation bombs to larger spaces. For instance, if your living room is 2500cuft, use two RB 100Gs & one RB 50G.

We recommend using an ultra low volume (ULV) cold fogger. You can rent these at your local big box hardware store
Both the Everday Cleaner and Smart Polymer Coating products have a 12 month shelf at optimum strength.

We use natural ingredients you can pronounce. Our Everyday Cleaner is formulated by using only salt, water, and electricity. 

No. Personal protective equipment is not required. Both our Everyday Cleaner and Smart Polymer Coating are non-toxic and pH neutral. Our Everyday Cleaner is powered by Hypochlorous Acid - a compound your white blood cells produce for immune functions!

Yes. Personal protective equipment is recommended. We suggest an N95 mask or respirator and nitrile gloves when activating the dry packets of Superstratum Remediation Bomb.

Remediation Bomb Pros, with the black and red label, generate double the amount of chlorine dioxide gas that the standard white and red label remediation bombs generate. The Pro version bombs are recommended for a more powerful treatment in non-living areas like the crawl space. 

Saturate your clothes with the Everday Cleaner, and let them sit for 10-15 minutes. Next, wash your clothes as normal with detergent of you choosing. Before tossing the clothes into the dryer, spray all items with the Fabric Odor Protectant. For clothes unsuitable for dryer machine heat, allow the items to air dry first, spray them with the Fabric Odor Protectant, and go over the clothes with an iron on a low setting.

Pro bombs are only available to Superstratum approved professionals for use in non-livable spaces i.e. crawlspaces, storage units, vacant homes.

Remove all pets, plants, and people for the duration of the 12 hour treatment. Our chlorine dioxide remediation bombs use the process of oxidation to break down mold spores, mycotoxins, and other VOCs; therefore, remove any objects in your home that are delicate or you wish to preserve and protect from wear and tear i.e. paintings, taxidermy, and special collectibles.

Same product, different label. The Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is our legacy label. The Everyday Cleaner uses the same Hypochlorous Acid technology.

Contact the Superstratum team for assistance locating a mold inspector in your area.

You may have forgotten to shake the bottle before spraying and/or you oversaturated the surface. Only apply a light mist coat of Smart Polymer Coating to your surfaces and allow the formula to air dry. There should be no dripping or running.

You can spray SPC to a glass surface; however, it will leave a cloudy residue. Use a glass cleaning product to remove the SPC's residue on glass. Glass is a nonporous surface that is unsuitable for mold growth unless it is covered by a layer of dust or other surfactants for mold to eat and digest.
Not all mold stains are alike. Some biofilms require a little elbow grease to remove the discoloration. Use a scrub brush after applying the Everyday Cleaner Allow the formula to sit on the surface (2-5 minutes). Next, use a scrub brush to remove the biofilm or wipe away for lighter stains. Once again, you should spray, let sit, and scrub/wipe. Repeat these steps if necessary.

As indicated in the packaging instructions, place the bombs 3 to 4 feet above the floor. Use a table, boxes, chair, etc.


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